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The Arnis Koredas Obra Mano is the person style of arnis of the late Grandmaster Andres Gomban(190? -1998), a native of the island of Cebu. Grandmaster Gomban created this style with the contribution and the complicity of other masters of Cebu region and consists of some thirty different forms. The current head of Arnis Koredas Obra Mano is Master Oliver Bersabal also a native of Cebu. Master Bersabal is located in Cebu City and is avaiable for training in Cebu.

In Koredas the primary weapon consist of a single stick of 55 to 60 cm in length, much shorter than the traditional escrima stick of 70 to 90 cm. This reduces the range at which the Koredas fighter works at compared to other types of arnis, developing a close, economic fighting style. The aim in Koredas is to eliminate all unnecessary movements thus creating a fast, dierct system. For example, the beginner is prohibited from moving his right foot in the attack-defense work in pairs, instead the student learns to use their hips and shoulders to twist into strikes and blocks to grenerate speed and power without changing the distance of combat.

Training begins in pairs with the single stick and teaching the student the 12 angles of attacks and the corresponding 12 blocks and correct footwork. The 12 angles of attack can be seen in the diagram on the right. Next the student is taught the counter strikes from the 12 blocks. From this the student can begin "random free play" that is the core of Koredas Obra Mano. In the random free play one person delivers an attack to which thier partner blocks and counter strikes to which the orignal attacker blocks and delivers a counter strike and so on. From this the student learns to react and counter attacks from unexpect angles and builds reflexes and correct body structure and footwork.

Arnis Koredas Obra Mano doesn't only have single stick techniques and consists of the following areas

Single and Double Stick:
In single stick 12 angles of attack and the use of the live hand to parry, block and strike an opponent opening up a range of possibilities. Double stick is used to improve hand coordination to aid the live hand during single stick.

Segment devoted to the defence against edged weapons, especially the knife. Traning focuses on both empty hand vs. Knife and knife vs. knife. The knife work is based on the single stick work with only a few minor adjustments.

Encompasses all the areas of empty hand and includes a form of Filipino Silat. Mano-Mano techniques cover defence against various weapons aswell as empty hand attacks.

Dumog is Filipino grapplng, including joint locks and destruction techniques and is a supplement to the Mano-Mano.